Flower Essences

Thinking about flower essences makes my heart sing. They have been such valuable allies on my journey. I have been working with them for over 30 years and am still in awe each time I use them.

I first heard about flower essences when I lived in the Netherlands in the 70s. At first, I wasn’t very interested thinking they sounded flakey. However, the opportunities to learn more and experience them kept persistently showing up on my path. Now, I see them as one of Nature’s greatest gifts to us. I used them often with my children and their friends for everything from colds to emotional support. The results were so amazing – an immediate return to balance.

What are flower essences?

They are energetic preparations made from the essence of flowers that support shifts in consciousness. They are holistic and natural. They address imbalance in the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being and in this way support physical health as well. Jane Bell calls them evolutionary tools that “rather than fighting a disease help us to resolve unhealthy tension in our thoughts, emotions and spiritual outlook which can be the cause of dissatisfaction and disease.”

A flower is the highest consciousness of a plant. The essences are potentized liquid preparations that are made by placing the flower in water in a glass bowl which uses the energy of the sun or moon. Each essence carries an imprint of that flower’s healing gifts. Essences are taken orally 2-4 times a day. They are safe,  effective and can be used by anyone from babies to the elderly. There are no side effects or contra indications.

At this time of great transformation on our planet, energy is moving very quickly and we are challenged in many ways. Flower essences are one of my favorite allies supporting me to live in balance with my heart open.