Transformational Breath

I have recently become certified as a Transformational Breath facilitator and I want to share with you how I am finding it beneficial.

What is transformational breathing? The first priority of Transformational Breath is to create an open healthy breath, allowing our life force to fill us. It is a powerful, safe and effective breathing modality that works on four levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In this way, I find it to be in harmony with yoga.

How we breathe is how we live. many of us take how we breathe for granted. Oxygen feeds our cells and unless we are breathing deeply and fully, our bodies are not getting all the oxygen nor releasing all the toxins necessary for optimal health. Our mental and emotional states are also greatly affected by our breathing patterns. We can change our chemistry, outlook, and attitude by changing the depth, rhythm, and rate of our breathing. The use of breath to improve our health, emotional state, and mental clarity is a skill everyone can benefit from learning.

Most people restrict their breathing to avoid experiencing unpleasant feelings. By holding our breath, we deactivate feelings. Keeping them repressed (held in the subconscious) requires a tremendous ongoing amount of energy and creates chronic tension in our bodies. These repressed feelings also unconsciously affect our behavior, often in limiting, self-sabotaging ways.

An open healthy breath naturally begins to address the mental and emotional levels of our being. Transformational Breath uses a specific circular breathing pattern that creates a high vibrational frequency. This frequency accesses our electromagnetic field at a cellular level and in this way creates a permanent clearing of patterns of negativity through entrainment (the heavier stuck energy is naturally drawn to the higher energy).

In this way, it integrates the wounded aspects of ourselves into one functioning whole. Old patterns are restructured, the wounded aspects of ourselves are integrated into one functioning whole. We feel lighter and freer, in touch with who we really are.

Transformational Breathing is a life-long tool that can be used to assist in accessing higher level of awareness and expressing our Spiritual nature with ease and balance.

Experience more joy.
Increase your energy and vitality.
Improve your relationships.
Strengthen your immune system.
Break bad habits and addictions.
Be less emotionally reactive.
Raise your self-awareness and self-esteem.
Reduce stress and tension.
Improve your mental clarity and creativity.

My personal experience continues to be profound. I believe this to be a time on the planet when we are meant to step into our magnificence, a term Jo Dunning, an amazing healer from Arizona, uses to describe who we really are. My journey has been one of heading in this direction and inviting others who are interested in joining me.