The fall solstice happened last Sunday, a sacred day and a signal of a seasonal change. Are you ready? Do you, like me love the fall, the crisp morning temperatures, the beauty of this season and the energetic change it brings with it. In Ayurveda, it is the beginning of Vata season. Vata is a combination of air and ether. Air has qualities of lightness and quickness and can create a more active mind. Ether is space, openness, stillness. When we pay attention to creating balance in this season, we can receive the gifts it has to offer, a deepening into spirit, the experience of settling into and knowing the Self.

How can we support balance? Of course my first answer would be More Yoga. This will support our joints as well as the quieting or our minds which can tend to be more active in this season. I will be offering more poses to quiet the mind and lead us inside as the season progresses.

This season is drying , have you noticed your  skin beginning to be dryer.  An Ayurvedic practice that is very beneficial at this time of year is  abyanga, a whole body oil in with warm sesame oil followed by a bath or shower, Delicious. Ask me if you want more precise information on how to do this.

Diet is another way of supporting ourselves. We can counteract the drying effects by eating warm unctuous foods, transitioning gradually to more cooked vegetables and yummy soups. We can still enjoy the summer herbs and fresh tomatoes, but beginning to add in squashes, sweet potatoes and  parsnips.

May you be present to appreciate all the benefits of this season.