I’m very happy to Welcome you to my new site!
Heartfull Living brings together my work as a teacher of Svaroopa® Yoga with new modes I’ve been using for transformation and healing – Flower Essences and Transformational Breath.

My mission is to provide tools supporting people to awaken to the fullness of who they really are.
Being fully alive, in touch with our bodies, our breath, our hearts, we can become fluent in living from higher states of consciousness.
The practice of Svaroopa®  Yoga is the foundation. The practice is about opening the spine from the tailbone progressively all the way to the top. As we open the core of our bodies, we open to the core of our being. Our divinity lives in our core.
Transformational Breath and Flower Essences help to untangle any glitches along the way.

I have been practicing yoga since 1968. I became certified to teach in 1990, but realized that the form of yoga I had chosen wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go. Shortly after that I discovered  Svaroopa® Yoga and fell in love. Now, all these years later, I still love practicing and teaching this style of yoga.  I am grateful everyday for the foundation that practicing and teaching Svaroopa® Yoga offers me.

My journey has taken me to other forms of healing and transformation. Ayurveda, the medical branch of yoga, Reiki , Transformational Breath, and  Flower Essences. I am confident that these modalities provide a synthesis of support to those who are interested in thriving and living in fullness.
I cherish  my connection with my family and grandchildren. I value the freedom to continue exploring and learning. My present interests include all of the above and also non – violent communication and learning/ play with plants and herbs.
My certifications are listed below for those who are interested in seeing them.


  • Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher – 700 hours,
  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Embodyment® Yoga Therapist,
  • Svaroopa® Yoga Meditation Teacher
  •  Certified Transformational Breath facilitator
  •  Certified Reiki master
  •  Flower Essence practitioner