Svaroopa® Yoga

DSC_0063Yoga: The word yoga means union, a bringing together of body, mind, and spirit for the the purpose of knowing our true nature.The practice of Yoga offers us a natural and enjoyable way to increase flexibility, strength, and vitality in the body as well as tranquility in the mind. This all happens each time we practice.

Svaroopa® Yoga is a unique style of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes compassion and precision. It is different from other styles of Yoga. The sanskrit word svaroopa means, we use the form of the body ” roopa” to take us to the truth of our being “sva”. The practice is physical and more than physical. Although it benefits each organ and system of the body, its real purpose is inner opening. In a Svaroopa® yoga class, we meet each student where they are, using well-propped and precisely aligned poses to unravel the deep layers of tension at the core of the body, particularly along the spine. The release is deeply beneficial for both the body and the mind. Many of us don’t actually live in our bodies; our culture is mind-oriented and we have too much to do. We may not even be aware of deep layers of contraction at the core of our bodies. When we open the spine we open up to a different dimension of experience. The mind quiets and an inner connection naturally becomes available. We access the bliss of our inner selves and this experience creates profound transformation and healing.

Benefits students report:

  • increased flexibility
  • a sense of well being
  • relaxation and inner peace
  • a quiet mind
  • an open, pain free body
  • increased vitality
  • decrease in stress and anxiety
  • better breathing
  • better health

I tell people that Svaroopa yoga with you is meditation, yoga, chiropractic, and therapy rolled into one—the results are that good.   Barbara P.

I’ve tried many different yoga classes and styles over the years, but when I started taking Svaroopa Yoga classes with Julie, I felt like I’d finally “come home.” Svaroopa Yoga helps me physically to be more relaxed and flexible and it also gives me access to a deeper experience of my inner knowing and spiritual Presence, which I find the most beneficial of all.   Deb K.

Julie, You are a gifted, devoted Svaroopa teacher. You observe, identify, and attend to the needs of each of your students in a professional and caring manner. You make certain that each of us understands the poses well enough to make them part of our home practice. Your classes bring me to total relaxation and inner peace. I leave each class renewed, focused, and energized.   Jane T.

Also offered:
Private classes and
Embodyment: A hands-on healing therapy that deepens the changes produced by Svaroopa® Yoga. Our bodies tighten because of how we use our minds. Svaroopa® Yoga helps to open the body and quiet the mind. Embodyment deepens the process. The client rests in shavasana while I bring touch and awareness to the most contracted areas of the body, helping to clear conditions that yoga poses sometimes can’t reach.
Over time, embodyment actually changes the structure of the mind, leading to a new experience of being in the body and giving access to your true nature.