What students say about my Svaroopa® Yoga classes:
Your classes bring me to total relaxation and inner peace. I leave each class renewed, focused, and energized.   Jane

Julie is a gifted teacher. The environment she creates in class is one of peaceful support that enables each student to relax within themselves. I notice a difference within myself from the start of class to walking out of her studio. It is a wonderful yoga class and so much more.   Karen

I especially like driving home after a Svaroopa Yoga class. I can really feel the difference in my face, which feels so relaxed and open, and I know I’m in a different and better place than when I came to class.   Deb K

(There are more yoga testimonials on the Svaroopa® Yoga page)

What people say about my work with Flower Essences:
The flower essences Julie selected helped me keep my anxiety at manageable levels during a very difficult time. Julie, with her help and understanding, offers immeasurable compassion—in addition to practical and effective support with the essences.

The first time I saw Julie for flower essences was for chronic pain; they helped. Enormously. I’ll never understand why, but maybe I should just stop trying to figure it out and accept that they work!

What people say about my work with Transformational Breath:
Julie, I see you as a mid-wife, assisting with the birth of spirit…. The inside of my cup feels cleansed, and my perception feels more open…restored. Something in my experience feels transformed, and I don’t have the words for it but it is sacred. Love blossoming all over this sweet earth, and now I see it…    Darcie

Transformational Breath has truly transformed my life.The breath sessions connect me to the joy of being in the Presence of God. The sessions have empowered me to love and approve myself.  No longer do I have trouble expressing my true nature. I am free! My life just keeps getting better and better and I thank Julie with all my heart. Debbie

In my Transformational Breath sessions with Julie Berkhout, she has been patient, kind, caring, gentle and focused. She has created a space that is safe, nonjudgmental and respectful. During the initial coaching part of the session, her perceptive questions  led me deeper into my self to a point of truth and authenticity where I was able to form a meaningful intention. During the breath work, Julie’s touch was both gentle and firm, and her voice softly supported me in breathing correctly. During these sessions I have been able to let go and  feel and express emotion in a way I haven’t been able to before.   Deb M